Abstract Guidelines


Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstracts are invited for award papers, free papers, and poster presentations.

  • Structured abstracts are to be submitted in standard format with no more then 300 words by closing date 15th April 2017 via e-mail to workshop@paediatricsolidtumour.com or can submit using link –  Abstract Submission.

  • Registration is mandatory prior to any paper or poster presentation submission.

  • 2 best papers and 2 posters based on the merit of relevance, innovative approach and applicability, would be awarded cash prize and certificates.


Oral Presentation Guidelines

  • The version of presentation suite used for this conference will be in MS Office 2010 (PowerPoint 2010). This is compatible with all versions of MS Office released before 2010. However, if you are using MS Office 2013, you will have to save your presentation in 2010 format.

  • There is no mac support provided at the conference.

  • If you have developed your presentation in any other productivity/ presentation suite (Keynote, Apache Open Office etc.), kindly convert the same to PowerPoint.

  • We request you to review the converted presentation before the conference to avoid any issues on the day of the conference.

  • Use at least a 24-point font so everyone in the room can read your material. Try to limit the material to seven lines per slide and keep the number of words to a minimum for readability.

  • Try and Limit the tables to four rows/columns for readability. Sacrifice content for legibility. Many large tables can be displayed more effectively as a graph than as a table.

  • Don’t put a lot of curves on a graphical display – busy graphical displays are hard to read. Also, label your graphs clearly with BIG, READABLE TYPE.

  • Use easily read fonts like Sans Serif, Calibri, Arial and Helvetica are easier to read than fancier ones, also avoid using italic fonts.

  • For content heavy slides, it is preferred to use dark fonts on a very light/ white background.

  • For content light slides, it is preferred to use light fonts on a dark background.

  • As a best practice Tip – Light letters (Light yellow or white) on a dark background (e.g., dark blue) often will be easier to read when the material is displayed on LCD projectors.

  • Don’t fill up the slide – the peripheral material may not make it onto the display.


Poster Presentation Guidelines

  • Title of your Poster Paper should be legibly visible

  • Remember the code assigned for your poster which has been provided via email to you.

  • You will also need to prepare one slide of PowerPoint presentation (ePoster) of your poster and mail it to the paedsolidtumour@gmail.com by 15th April, 2017. Any delays will be considered as your absence from the conference and the presentation will not be kept for further discussion.

  • Only the prime posters require printed version– Prepare posters fitting in 4 feet × 4 feet dimension.

  • For regular posters printed version in NOT required, only mail the ePoster (One slide PowerPoint).